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@ctdl21 @fartface2000 Love this and reminded me a piece I wrote last year for @baby_btc to read in the future about all I wanted her to know about the early years of #bitcoin
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bitcoinerjobs.co is now live!!

Companies - free to post job ads, helping you engage with true Bitcoiners from day 1

Candidates - cut through the "crypto" noise and get straight to the projects that matter

Great presentation (very accessible explanations on mining, mining pools etc) from @danielabrozzoni on Stratum v2 at @bitcoinmuc youtube.com/watch?v=58LrQ0Q89x

Join us tomorrow Sunday Feb 21st 8pm CET for a session with @danielabrozzoni from @braiins to learn about mining, the intricacies of running an operation, and the Stratum V2 protocol updates!


Me taking a cool pic 4 insta
Me realizing I have no idea how to unclimb this thing 🤙

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